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It only takes minutes for anyone you choose to generate a proposed NDA and route it for e-signature. Our self-serve legal apps are easy to use and don't require training or tutorials.
Documents You Can Trust
Automate and update as needed

Bring your own NDA templates or use templates we have sourced from top Silicon Valley lawyers. Version control is no longer an issue because everyone in your organization will always be using the latest and greatest.
Fast Return on Investment
Low risk and fast rollout

Larger enterprise solutions cost tens of thousands per year and take months to implement and learn. We'll have you up and running in a business day or two with your first legal app and make you look like a hero.

How It Works

Self-serve legal apps designed with your needs in mind.
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Adam Fish, Co-Founder and CEO, Ditto
“Fast, easy, and consistent - our team quickly embraced Digitize Legal to generate NDAs and send them for e-signature. Solid customer support too!"
Adam Fish, Co-Founder and CEO, Ditto

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Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us if you have more questions.

What legal apps do you offer today?We currently offer legal apps to create and sign mutual NDAs.

What if I want a legal app that you don't offer today?We look to prospective customers for direction on what legal apps to offer next. If other companies would find the legal app valuable, we are likely to move it up on our roadmap.

How much customization of legal apps do you offer?All customers get legal apps that reflect their brand. We will make adjustments to the wording of questions and help text within the legal apps at any time. Agreements generated with the legal apps incorporate the customer's name, address, governing law, and venue. We provide further customization opportunities to customers on the Growth Plan who BYOT.

What if someone asks for changes to our proposed NDA?Our templates and guided interviews are designed to create NDAs that are signature ready for both parties. But there are times when someone will request changes. Every time you run a legal app, we provide a Word version. You and the other party would negotiate and sign as usual.

Does this help with the problem of reviewing another company's NDA?We are not a law firm and cannot provide legal advice. However, we make it quick and easy for your company to generate a balanced NDA, which may cut down on the number of times you have to review another company's NDA. We are also actively working on a legal app that generates an NDA screening report. Contact us to learn more.

Do I need my own e-signature account to use this?No. All of our legal apps have built-in e-signature from HelloSign, a leading e-signature vendor, at no additional cost. If you are not ready to e-sign from within the legal app, just download the Word version and handle signature another way. Part of the service we offer is assisting with collection of e-signatures for any agreements generated from within your legal apps.

How do I share the legal apps within my organization?We provide you with a private shareable link for each of your legal apps. You can add the private links to your intranet, Slack, or anywhere else you communicate with your team. You choose who has access to your legal apps.

Does this replace a lawyer?Any legal apps and template agreements are provided for you to help yourself without the assistance of a legal professional. Although our support team happily assists with the use of our platform, our personnel cannot advise you on what legal app or template agreement you might need or what answers to provide to generate an agreement. Contracts have important legal consequences and you should seek advice from a licensed attorney to answer any legal questions.

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